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Chamber Discoveries is a leader in travel for chambers of commerce in America. We understand the special needs of your chamber travelers and have designed our journeys with those desires in mind. For example, we have arranged for you to get-together with a local overseas chamber. This takes the form of either a business mixer or industry specific workshop, where the members of your group and the local chamber people come together to talk, exchange ideas and possibly start business relationships with each other.

It is a great time for traveling and exploring the many wonders of the world. Each of our featured itineraries is carefully crafted with your interests in mind. These private, one-of-a-kind journeys to fascinating locations will provide you with unique insight, great accommodations, and local cuisine.

At each locale, our dedicated staff will pamper you with the discreet, yet attentive, service to ensure your comfort and enjoyment. All of our trips offer an experienced Discovery Program Guide who will be with you throughout your time overseas. Additionally, you will enjoy our hand-picked, knowledgeable local guides that will add to the exceptional value-added services we offer. Plus your members can take advantage of our BOOK & SAVE feature, which lets your members save even more by making their deposit early.

Let our friendly team, both here in the United States and around the globe, take care of you from the time you book with us until your return from your journey.

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