5 Best Places for A Chamber of Commerce To Visit

10 Jun 2019, Posted by kfears in Best Destinations

There is certainly no shortage of captivating destinations around the world — in fact, choosing where to visit next can be one of the biggest challenges of travel.

To help, we’ve collected five of our absolute favorite travel destinations. Each one is perfect for small group
chamber travel
, which will allow you to unearth the secrets and experience the rich culture of these magnetic destinations.


Few countries on earth offer anything as truly unique as enchanting Cuba.
Despite lying less than one hundred miles off the coast of Florida, Cuba
could be a whole new world. Step off the plane and back in time, as
vintage cars cruise the crumbling Malecon and venues once popular with the
Rat Pack tempt you in for a refreshing mojito.

While Cuba is truly enchanting, it is not without its quirks — so
traveling as a group as part of a chamber trip is the ideal way to
experience it. Spend less time worrying about logistics, and more time
experiencing the flavors and culture of this captivating country. From the
sight and smell of the tobacco fields in Vinales Valley, to the sound of
salsa beats that permeate through the bustling bars, Cuba is a delight for
the senses.

French Riviera

They say fashions come and go but style remains; such is true for the
endlessly glamorous French Riviera. Join the well-heeled crowd of
sportspeople, actors, and business executives who flock to this coastal
gastronomical paradise, docking their yachts and perhaps trying their luck
at the casinos of Monaco.

While at first glance the French Riviera looks like the playground for the
rich and famous, there’s in fact much more to it than that — and a French
Riviera chamber travel tour
will allow you to discover it. 

Scratch the surface and learn more about the culture as you wander the
cobbled laneways of Cannes, and enjoy sumptuous meals prepared by some of
the world’s top chefs in St. Tropez. Then, there’s always the enticing
beach if you feel like a refreshing dip, or the allure of nearby chic
beach clubs. With so much to offer it’s easy to see why the French Riviera is one of the most popular (and profitable for chambers) epicurean cruises.


Ah, Tuscany. Just the name alone is enough to excite the senses and evoke
a sense of romance. It’s no wonder — this stunning Italian region is
heaven for lovers of warm hospitality, fine food, delicious wine and
fascinating history. There really is just so much to love about Tuscany.

to Tuscany
with a chamber travel group is the perfect getaway,
uncovering its seemingly endless hidden gems. Travel through the rolling
hills admiring picturesque traditional villages, and see the famous David
sculpture in the flesh at the living art gallery that is Florence. Then,
raise a glass of sumptuous local Chianti with your newfound friends,
toasting to the beauty and warmth of this incredible place.

Greece and the Mediterranean

Glittering ocean views and endless swathes of soft white sand, sumptuously
fresh seafood, and picturesque villages that are open-air museums — all
this awaits you on a trip of stunning Greece and the Mediterranean. This
destination has truly stood the test of time, enchanting generation after

Cruise the azure seas of both the Mediterranean and the Aegean, stopping
in at enchanting islands. Some are famous for their modern delights —
think scrumptious tavernas and vibrant beach clubs — while others proudly
display remnants of thousands of years of history. 

While the islands receive much fanfare in Greece, its capital is equally
captivating. Overlooked by the ancient Acropolis and offering
authentically warm hospitality, Athens is a true delight. It’s certainly a
destination worthy of all of its praise.


A stunning mix of untamed natural beauty paired with man-made historical
treasures, the Emerald Isle is sure to delight. From its lush, rolling
hills, to its tucked away traditional pubs, Ireland oozes charm and
charisma. Add in friendly locals and a spattering of stunning castles, and
you have a truly incredible destination.

This beautiful place is the ideal backdrop for group chamber travel,
making new connections and learning about the incredible history of the
stunning country. Observe the striking and dramatic coast, and especially
the Cliffs of Moher; or step into the shoes of the aristocracy as you
explore centuries-old castles. Of course, you certainly can’t leave the
Emerald Isle without raising a glass of Guinness, perhaps to new friends
and everlasting memories.
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