6 Top Benefits of Outsourcing Your Group Travel

20 May 2019, Posted by kfears in Chamber Tips

Group travel has many benefits to your Chamber of Commerce – it can help you to build your membership, increase member satisfaction and fundraise for important activities. Despite these many benefits, the idea of planning chamber travel in-house can be intimidating.

There are a lot of details to manage, from marketing to finances – and, of course, planning the itinerary and events. The amount of time and money required, as well as the risk to your chamber, may have led you to be reluctant to plan a trip in the past.

Luckily, there is a great solution. By outsourcing this service, you can reap all of the benefits and bypass the risks, frustrations, and difficulties. Let’s take a closer look at the many benefits of outsourcing group travel for your chamber of commerce.

1. Save Money

One of the biggest concerns about group travel for chamber of commerce is the cost. It is usually the biggest factor that determines the viability of travel, and every organization wants to ensure they are using their funds wisely. Unexpected costs and low ticket sales can suddenly cause great stress.

With outsourced group travel, you can rest assured that expert chamber travel planners are handling all the details and keeping the trip in budget. Plus, these trained professionals have access to exclusive discounts that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

Along the same lines, you may be concerned about the cost of outsourcing your group travel. It’s commonly assumed that it’s more cost-effective to do it yourself. However, outsourcing can actually save you money thanks to the organizer’s expertise, efficiency, connections, and group buying power.

2. Reduced Risk to Your Chamber

Risk is another concern planners have when it comes to chamber travel. Financial and legal risks are at the forefront, while issues like delays and last-minute cancellations are also a possibility.

Hiring an outside company to plan your group travel is the perfect remedy to these concerns. Experienced organizers are accustomed to dealing with licensing requirements, organizing finances, and responding to urgent changes or problems.

Outsourcing travel takes all of the risks of planning it off of your organization and places it in the hands of industry-leading experts who have decades of experience.

3. All the Expertise is Available

Within your Chamber, it’s likely that you have staff and members with a range of expertise – but it’s often not possible for them to cover absolutely everything associated with the trip. From marketing to insurance, there are many tasks (and, therefore, people) involved.

If you do not have easy access to all of these people, then outsourcing is the answer. Chamber travel experts have relationships with the top companies in all the fields necessary to have a successful trip.

It goes without saying that chamber travel companies are also experts in organizing amazing experiences for your guests. It’s their job to ensure that every guest has the best possible experience, which, in turn, reflects positively on your chamber.

4. Open Up New Options and Ideas

The age-old saying, “you don’t know what you don’t know” can certainly be true when it comes to planning an elaborate group trip. Whether you’ve planned a group excursion before or not, you might not be aware of all the great options available to you.

On the other hand, group travel experts have been in the industry for decades and organized hundreds of chamber travel trips. This allows them to know exactly what’s available, and what works well for Chambers specifically.

They can share this knowledge with you, and then handle all of the details. You never know what kind of amazing experiences, or clever cost-saving measures, they might have up their sleeve!

5. Support Before, During and After

If try to organize your trip on your own, then you’ll need to be prepared to respond to any issues that arise. You’ll have to be prepared with contingency plans for mishaps like last-minute flight changes or unexpected costs.

Needless to say, it can be difficult and stressful to manage this on your own, especially if you are not experienced with planning. By outsourcing your travel to a chamber of commerce travel program, you will have experts by your side, every step of the way.

Chamber group travel experts will organize all the planning beforehand, as well as assist during and after the travel as well. This gives you total peace of mind, knowing that even if something unexpected were to occur, an expert will handle it.

6. Free Up Your Staff to Focus on Your Members

Even if your Chamber has the skills and experience to organize their own group travel, it is an exercise that is likely to take up a lot of their time and energy. This time and energy would be better spent on other activities, such as lobbying or networking with members.

By outsourcing your group travel with Chamber Discoveries, we can take care of the nitty-gritty of organizing the trip while you do what you do best: working with and for your members! Contact us today to learn how we can plan your next trip!

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