Adelman Assurance Program (Land Version)

Adelman Assurance Program (Land Version)

As demand for travel has been steadily increasing, travel companies worldwide are preparing to resume operations while keeping guests safe and healthy.

To ensure guest’s wellbeing and restore confidence in guests’ travel plans, Adelman introduced its Adelman Assurance Program, which implements health and safety policies to safeguard guests and employees.

The Adelman Assurance Program comprises a series of measures to protect travelers throughout their journey.

• Rearrangement of all vehicle seating to allow for greater distance between passengers while onboard coaches. Face coverings will be provided for all travelers along with hand sanitizer, which will be widely available throughout the tour experience.

• Use of headsets for guide narration to allow for social distancing and clear guiding information.

• Full vehicle disinfecting before and after each journey

• New embarking and disembarking procedures to the vehicle to ensure passenger safety.

• All vehicle Air Conditioning systems do not recirculate air from inside the vehicle. Fresh air is always pulled in from outside the vehicle. Filters will be checked and changed regularly.

• Maintain social distancing where appropriate during tours.

• Prior to travel guests, will be required to complete a pre-tour wellness declaration confirming they aren’t sick, and have not come into contact with anyone showing COVID-19 symptoms.

• Tour manager will collect pre-tour health declarations for all guests on the day of arrival, ensuring everyone is healthy and not showing COVID symptoms.

• We’ve been working closely with vendors and all of our suppliers globally, and tours will comply with local protocols.

• Our tour managers are trained to recognize guests who shows symptoms of anything in any country they might be in.

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