Generate More Revenue with Epicurean Cruises

03 Jun 2019, Posted by kfears in Chamber Tips

Chamber of commerce trips are a great way to generate revenue for your chamber, while also providing a valuable service and increasing your organization’s reputation. It’s no wonder that many of the largest chambers of commerce run frequent trips to destinations all over the world, with epicurean cruises being a popular option.

Organizing a chamber of commerce trip is not without its challenges, however. One of the key concerns is making sure that the trip generates healthy revenue for your chamber. As any astute investor knows, you want to make sure that you are getting good return on investment – and that your members and guests are, too.

At Chamber Discoveries, we have extensive experience organizing chamber travel. We know all the secrets and tactics to generate healthy revenue for your chamber, ensure that the trips assist to increase your reputation, and encourage long-term positive impact.

In particular, we work closely with chambers of commerce to provide epicurean cruises that generate excellent results for all stakeholders. Here’s how these cruises can lead to a boost in revenue.

Why epicurean cruises?

An epicurean cruise is a journey that centers around exquisite food and wine—a true adventure for the taste buds. Think: wine tasting in Aix-En-Provence or olive oil sampling in Tuscany, with fabulous meals and tastings onboard in the evening. This combination of experiences make it an ideal option for generating revenue for your chamber.

To begin with, they are sure to appeal strongly to guests of all ages, genders and backgrounds. Delicious food is something that unites us all, and pairing it with travel is an experience to remember. An epicurean cruise is also ideal for chambers of commerce as it is the perfect forum for networking; guests can connect and talk business while they bond over a great meal and glass of wine.

Of course, guests that are not interested in the business aspect can still enjoy the gastronomic journey, without the shop talk!

Secondly, epicurean cruises are cost effective. Cruises present excellent value for organizers, as costs are generally preset and affordable. Don’t worry though; your members will still get all of the bells and whistles. Cruises offer luxury for less, reducing overheads for the organizers while offering a indulgent experience.

How does an epicurean cruise generate revenue for your Chamber of Commerce?

You may be wondering about the specifics of how your chamber of commerce can generate revenue through an epicurean cruise. An epicurean cruise has both direct and indirect benefits.

Immediate Revenue Booster

The most obvious way in which an epicurean cruise can generate revenue for your Chamber of Commerce is by raising funds through the sale of travel packages. This is an excellent fundraising activity for your chamber.

Best of all, if your epicurean cruise is arranged through Chamber Discoveries, you can be confident that there is no risk to your organization; we organize the practicalities, and manage the deposit while you sell tickets.

The price of these tickets and the profit for your chamber can vary. However, we have experience working with all budgets and can assist you to maximize the returns.

The Long-Term Benefits

While epicurean cruises are an excellent fundraising activity, they also have a number of indirect benefits that can increase your revenue in the longer term.

Reputation and Member Satisfaction

By offering exceptional travel opportunities to your members and other guests, your chamber of commerce will inevitably improve its reputation. Chamber Discoveries is proud to craft itineraries that will positively reflect your organization and increase member loyalty.

Chamber travel through cruising also presents the opportunity for chambers to spend time with new and existing members, learning more about their concerns and forming relationships. This can help your chamber to better shape its activities and ensure they feel heard and respected, and therefore, satisfied with their membership.

Of course, member satisfaction is crucial not only in retention, but also in encouraging word-of-mouth promotion of your organization. Long term, this is key to ensuring that everyone stays actively involved, and it also encourages others to join and reap the benefits. Because of that, organizing epicurean cruises can increase revenue in the long-term.

This is especially important as an increasing number of chambers are offering travel programs and packages. Planning incredible trips ensures that you are at the forefront, generating revenue and excitement for your chamber, and promoting your group.

Are you ready to book your next cruise? At Chamber Discoveries, we’ve helped many chambers to generate revenue through epicurean cruises and other types of trips. We will take care of all of the details so that you can concentrate on reaping the benefits of a well-organized tour. Contact us today to learn more.

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