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Expectation High for Airline Covid-19 Protocols

02 Jun 2020, Posted by Dominic Olvera in Travel Tips

Delta Sees ‘Indefinite’ Term for Covid-19 Cleaning, Distancing Protocols With some air travel demand expected to return this summer, airlines are establishing new protocols that they hope not only will minimize Covid-19 spread but also will assure travelers that it is safe to return to…

How to Dress for Travel

19 May 2020, Posted by Dominic Olvera in Travel Tips

Even when he has to stay home, Mac Lacy is dressing for travel. Find out why and get yourself ready to hit the road too. #TravelAwaits  for all of us. Click HERE to View the Video

Better days are coming

10 Apr 2020, Posted by Dominic Olvera in Travel Tips

Better days are coming. And we’re going to get there together. These may be difficult days for our industry, but at The Group Travel Leader we believe that the future is bright. This crisis will pass. And when it does, #TravelAwaits.   Click HERE to…

We will travel again

02 Apr 2020, Posted by Dominic Olvera in Travel Tips

Yes, We Will Travel Again—Here’s How and When to Plan Your Next Trip by TOM MARCHANT MAR 27, 2020   These are not normal times. These are not normal times for the people of Wuhan, Milan, Seoul, New York, or any other region hit hard by…

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