Frequently Asked Questions

How would my Chamber benefit by promoting an overseas business exchange journey?

Many chamber leaders have found that by offering a travel program, it has brought additional enthusiasm for their chamber for both existing members and new members. It allows for you and your staff to spend additional time with your members at the travel meetings as well as while traveling. It's a fact, you will create excitement within the chamber members, and gain new members and RETAIN existing members.

Is there a fundraising component to better benefit my members?

Yes! We understand that you are here to serve your members and their needs. Our professional representative will work with you to customize the program to fit your Chamber's special needs. We offer flexible end-user opportunities.

Can I travel with my group and not impact the Chamber financially?

One of the most important elements of a Chamber Discoveries trip is you or your staff spending time with your members. These complimentary trips are awarded based on the volume of people you have. Often multiple trips are awarded allowing you to take along a travel companion or another staff member. If you cannot take the trip, you can designate it for anyone of your choice, or if the need exists, it can be turned into fundraising to better benefit your membership.

How would I promote the trip?

Most Chambers announce the trip in their newsletter and highlight it on their web site. We will also provide you with ready web graphics and a custom brochure for you. Plus we will put up a custom web-page just for your group on our web-site that you can link to so your members can obtain additional information and details of your trip. We will lead a promotional meeting you host to promote the trip.

What are the best times to travel?

Have you ever waited in long crowded lines? We have and let's face it, it is no fun. We plan our journeys during the less crowded travel periods. This way you will not only get more for your dollar, but you will be able to see and do more without waiting in those long lines.

Can you tell me more about the travel experience?

All our journeys include scheduled airfare, excellent hotels, motor coach transportation, sightseeing and a professional DISCOVERY PROGRAM GUIDE that will facilitate your travel experience. Each journey includes a special Chamber experience. For example, meetings are arranged with members of a chamber in the foreign country you are visiting. These have proven to be very popular and rewarding.

What Marketing Assistance is available?

We provide you with the essential tools for marketing your group's journey. We'll provide you with printed materials such as flyers, brochures, postcards, videos, maps, and other materials that will assist you in promoting your journey. In many cases, we'll even make a personal presentation to your group, allowing your group members the chance to preview the destination and ask questions.

What do I do next to get started?

With the help of our representative you will select the journey that will be of the most interest to you and your members. Start promoting with our custom quality materials. That is it. We take care of all the reservations, supplier deposits, member questions and the billing. There is NO RISK to the Chamber by promoting this trip.

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